Most frequently asked questions about freeze-dried food

Freeze-drying has already taken an important place in human life. Now it is difficult to imagine how else you can prepare products for a long term without this home appliance. Thanks to this invention, we can now enjoy frozen food on hikes and long journeys. Nowadays, even astronauts can eat delicious favorite steaks or frozen fruits in outer space.

Let’s learn together about this technology that makes our lives easier and more delicious. Here are the most interesting facts about freeze-drying.

  1. How the freeze-drying works?

Freeze-drying is based on a sublimation process. In a vacuum, water passes from a solid state to steam. At first, food is deep freezes under normal pressure. Then the food is placed in a vacuum, and all frozen moisture is sublimated and removed from it. This process allows to eliminate any water from the food without heating it up or long drying time. In this way, the food retains its taste, all vitamins and becomes lighter by several times.
Most frequently asked questions about freeze-dried food

  1. Which products are best suited for freeze drying?

Usually freeze drying is used for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, meat and fish. This technology can also be used for products such as granulated coffee and other instant drinks, spices, porridge, soups.

  1. What do nutritionists think about freeze drying?

Nutritionists have a positive response to freeze drying. Because all the vitamins and minerals that were in the food before freezing will be retained even after this process is completed.
Most frequently asked questions about freeze-dried food

  1. What is the shelf life of freeze-dried food?

Thanks to freeze drying products can be stored and not deteriorated for forty years. It is possible that frozen food may have longer shelf life than four decades, but this has not yet been checked personally. The most eloquent fact that emphasizes that freeze drying is a technological process which will preserve food for many years has been confirmed by one guy. He ate a 37-year-old beef that had previously been frozen-dried.
Most frequently asked questions about freeze-dried food

  1. What must be done before eating freeze-dried food?

It’s very simple. You need to open the package and get the contents. Then place the food in water and wait for a few minutes. Further on, the food is completely ready to be eaten.
Most frequently asked questions about freeze-dried food

  1. Can freeze-dried food be sent to space?

It’ s important to minimize the weight of things that go into space with astronauts. Therefore, this is a great solution for such a purpose. After all, as mentioned earlier, frozen in this way foods weigh several times less than normal food. So it is absolutely logical that freeze-dried products are preferred when the spaceship is prepared to be sent to outer space.
Most frequently asked questions about freeze-dried food

  1. Is it really possible to eat freeze-dried ice-cream in space?

It’s just a marketing technique and nothing more. If astronauts really ate freeze-dried ice-cream, they would expose themselves and other crew members to serious danger. Cos such ice cream would crumble and its small particles would soar in weightlessness all over the spacecraft.